sites - Planing for today with tomorrow in frame

We work with a future focus to plan where you want to be while implementing for your current needs.

If you operate a brownfield data centre which contains cabinets from various suppliers, our system allows you to contain the enclosures without buying new ones. You can even freely define the height in which we will place the top cover on the robust, custom-made aluminium frame that will be mounted to the different cabinets.

We can, hand on heart, say we haven't yet found a data centre that modulan can't reconfigure or contain. All the features modulan delivers to a greenfield site become even more powerful when you’re planning a brownfield site.

One of the benefits of a brownfield site is the opportunity to become more competitive by proactively engineering your space and energy consumption. At modulan we apply innovative construction engineering to achieve the best possible space and cost savings. We use state of the art technology to plan and measure down to the millimetre enabling efficient maximisation of the available space.

Within a brownfield site we can easily work around obstacles. If your brownfield data centre contains cabinets from various suppliers the modulan system allows you to contain the enclosures without buying new ones. Our individual aluminium elements ensure secure containment of hot and cold aisles. We accommodate various rack sizes and can easily integrate pre-configured vendor specific storage into your installation. We also offer a range of door and roof panels to suit each space.

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